ASSOS Shorts UMA GT Summer Half Knickers C2 black series

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Summer-weight knickers that offer extended coverage for UV protection and moisture management, wrapping the legs down to the upper calves in compressive breathability.

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Our new hipClick construction gives the UMA GT Summer Knickers the steady, stabilizing fit of bib knickers but without the layering hassle and discomfort of bib straps. They’re built for long rides in warm conditions, with coverage that extends UV protection, light compression, and moisture management below the knees. The pre-shaped panels and high-stretch qualities conform to the legs without inhibiting the pedal stroke, and the updated UMA GT C2 insert increases endurance comfort with cushioning for a more upright, less aggressive riding position.




    Type.429 is stretchy enough for a streamlined fit; breathable enough for the heights of summer; compressive enough to respond to and support your body; and substantial enough to resist the abuse of countless kilometers. A true daily workhorse.


    Our streamlined regularFit provides total comfort for longer rides. The new waist construction provides additional support across the abdomen and maintains a secure fit.

    hipClick: A waist construction that combines elastic and mesh layers for high coverage that eliminates restriction, stabilizes the knickers’ body panels, and locks the insert in place.

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    TYPE.429: Our Type.429 textile ensures breathability and a lightly compressive hold with maximum elasticity and built-in odorControl.

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    Tech Sheen Mesh: Supplemental panels of Tech Sheen Mesh tune the fit by wrapping the muscles in compressive stability.

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    ULTRALIGHT LEG GRIPPERS: Elastic woven through the bands creates a secure hold without restriction.

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    3D Waffle: A patented, three-layer, perforated foam that increases breathability and eliminates excess weight.

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    Shock-Absorb Damping Mono: Compressive foam layers in an 9mm endurance platform. Thermoformed shaping reduces ridges and irritation.

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    goldenGate: The stitching pattern anchors the front and back but lets the insert’s body float, allowing the chamois to move with your body rather than against it.

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