CONTINENTAL Tire Argotal Trail Endurance | 29″ black

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› The ideal tire for loose terrain, with cornering stability and increased side-grip.

› The open tread pattern allows for self-cleaning so you can push your limits while riding through dust and loam.

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Part no. ETRTO Dimension Type g PSI
0150691 60-622 29" x 2.40" Tubeless Ready 1060 36-51

*This tyre is hookless compatible to its limited maximum pressure. Please check your wheels’ instruction and tyre packaging for detailed information.


Specialist for loose terrain

Supported in-line shoulder studs with supportive structure for high stability even when cornering aggressively.
Benefit: high mechanical grip especially in loose soils

Open tread pattern design for perfect interaction on loose surfaces
Benefit: good self-cleaning in moist and wet conditions

The pronounced studs are equipped with steep ramps in order to generate mechanical grip through a pattern-soil interaction.
Benefit: exceptional grip in on loose and mixed surface. 

Our carcass construction is robust and impervious against damage and penetration from foreign objects. The result: versatile, low weight and an attractive design. In addition, tires made using this technology can also be used as Tubeless or with an inner tube.

We recommend the usage of our Revo-Sealant.

For initial mounting we recommend to use at least 30 ml of Conti RevoSealant per tire. Then spin the tire (wheel) to spread the Conti RevoSealant inside of the tire and pump to the allowed maximum pressure. Check the pressure before the next ride and adjust to your desired PSI.



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