LUMOS Light Firefly Accessories

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Mount options so that you have the flexibility to mount Firefly anywhere.


Fuss-free wireless charging

Bid good riddance to tangled cables because Firefly charges with any standard Qi wireless charger, even Magsafe! Charging your bike lights has never been this easy.

If you don’t have any wireless chargers,  LUMOS offers the following additional charging options:

  • Single Charging Cradle
  • Quad Charging Mat

Handlebar End Mount

We designed these mounts to drastically improve your side visibility. These mounts are angled so that they can be seen 260 degrees from both the rear and the sides.

Each handlebar end mount comes with an integrated foot so that you lean your bike against a wall.

The mounts can be placed on any handlebar end ranging from internal handlebar diameters from 16.75mm -19.5mm / 0.66inch – 0.76inch.

Turn Signal Mount

Crafted from a durable all-metal body, this mount allows you to attach two Firefly lights 24cm (9.45″) apart under your seatpost—making your intentions on the road clear as day.

The mount’s strategic under-seatpost design not only offers a sleek, low-profile look but also gives you the flexibility to adjust the Firefly lights to the desired angle.

What’s more, it’s saddlebag-friendly, so you don’t have to compromise on utility.

Universal Mount

This mounting option is included with every Firefly and allows for mounting on either the front handlebar, rear seat post, forks of the bike, scooters, bags, helmets, and more.

Remote + Handlebar Mount

Use either the LUMOS app or the Remote to activate turn signals and automatic brake lights.

If you already have the LUMOS Remote for your helmet, it will work with your LUMOS Firefly. Only one Remote is required to control the whole system.



Firefly Accessories

Charging Cradle, Quad Charging Mat, Handlebar End Mounts x2, Turn Signal Mount, Universal Mount, Remote with Mount & Charging Cable


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